Italian Rosé Wines – 2013 Edition

Sunday October 13th 2013

from 10,00 to 21,00

I Cinque Sensi Firenze and Enoclub Siena

organize a big event about Italian Rosé.

The event has the purpose of placing a clear and wide light on a type of wine long remained in the shade, not considered, poorly or not enhanced. Considered at best a wine to drink cool in summer, and little more. The big parade of more than 100 Italian rosé that we will propose in free tasting is also a journey between native Italians, among many geographic areas, the tradition of the territories and the different types of rosé available in Storage. Wines that, in spite of a popularity still developing, soon end in the cellar and wine shop. The drink is easy but not trivial. In a time when you try wines from the enjoyment not overly complex, the right price and the full territorial grip, rosé is a wine that can satisfy the commercial needs of the producer and the versatility required at the right price from the consumer.

Entry fee euro 15 with glass gift (euro 10 for conventions and manufacturers)

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